Saturday, June 13, 2009

My New Song - Sunday Sooriyan

This is my second song and i'm really to share the experience with u all..... Its for a movie called "Ivar Vivahitharayal" and the song is "SUNDAY SOORIYAN"..................... Starring Jayasurya, Bhama, Samvratha Sunil, Siddque, Rekha, Nedumudi Venu, Suraj Venjaramoodu, the movie is a family entertainer with all the essentialitis - comedy, sentiment, songs etc. The greatest privilege is that I had the opportunity to sing for M JAYACHANDRAN sir, a mentor and guru of mine. He's the one I respect, adore and love the most for his talent and genius. A great thanks to him and the almighty for this wonderful opportunity.

This chance came like a bolt from the blue...... and believe me, i got this soon after the first show of my first movie - Venal Maram. There was a cal from the studio that i need to go there immediately to mix my voice... I was surprised and tensed coz twas for Jayachandran sir..... then i went and sang. And later i came to know that the film had only one female voice and that was mine. Even though the final mix has only 4-5 lines of mine it does stand out coz that's the only female portion..... I'm indeed blessed for this great song.... and thanks once again for ur prayers and support.... pls do give ur valuable comments and suggestions so that i can improve upon them....


  1. ya ,the movie is u had gud progress in industry.keep it up.abt ur voice ,actually i didnt noticed(thought it as usual a pro singer)....but on the performance i thought u r in par with the male voice.and its gud to hear.(am not an authentic judge of music,but can judge pleasant voices,musics;so to get a gud judgement kindly refer to audiences....).congragulations