Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hi.... Its me charu... Back again!!! I missed blogging.... But now the right time has come to start it again!! Today is a new day of my life... A new birth... Every point of my life jus had one thing in common... MUSIC... And singing is something which i loved the most but cared the least!! I still remember my guru and mentor, M. Jayachandran sir advising me to take up singing well and practice everyday... I do so intermittently not knowing its importance or rather taking things silly!!! I dunno wat made me think differently but I really feel that I need to get to singing !!!! I need to be bak wid a bang with constant practise and hardcore hardwork and prove myself!! These words are especially because of the care and support of my mother - my rolemodel, My guru Jayachandran sir and my passion to get to ARR sir... Nothing is impossible in this world... I've started believing in myself and the almighty, and i fear nothing else... And i need to make them all proud... I need to prove them rite for the confidence they have in me... And i'll... Nothing can stop me... And i know god's wid me and his blessings too... I need all ur prayers and support!!!